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Established in 2005 with the ultimate goal of providing medical treatments at affordable prices. The way you feel when you look in the mirror is what really matters.

Whether you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, acne, a dull dry complexion, or simply wish to maintain the flawless skin you’ve been blessed with, we will customize a treatment plan to your skin’s needs that will have you looking healthy, youthful and rejuvenated. Now is the time to take the first step toward having a reflection that says “I look and feel beautiful”.

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Painless Laser Hair Removal

Controlled flashes of laser beams are selectively absorbed by hair follicles lying below the surface of the skin. The absorbed light heats the hair, which damages and destroys the regrowth potential of the follicle- all without damaging surrounding tissue. Since the follicle must be in active growth in order to be affected by the laser, several treatments spread over several months are required to assure the destruction of all hair follicles.

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Smiling, laughing and frowning contract the muscles of your face. These muscle contractions over time produce permanent furrows and deep wrinkles, most commonly around your eyes, between the eyebrows and on the forehead. Read More!


Dysport is an FDA-approved cosmetic injectable used to relax muscles in the face from contracting, preventing furrows and deep wrinkles. Dysport injections are similar to Botox® Cosmetic, with a slightly different formulation. Read More!


Thinking about plumping up your lips, getting rid of those deep lines from so much smiling or even lifting up your cheeks to look more youthful?
JUVÉDERM® filler is an FDA-approved gel filler with a smooth-consistency meant Read More!


Sculptra® Aesthetic works subtly over time to produce a more youthful-looking appearance. Unlike hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, Sculptra helps your skin’s own natural collagen stimulate production to restore its inner structure Read More!

    5 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest
The staff is super nice even when I was late most appointments and didn’t shave the night before. There are K-cups and cookies in the waiting area! Thank you so much for all your good work
Joleen Abrams
This place is great!!! Come here to have my laser done and won’t go anywhere else! I experienced 0 pain. They have a friendly staff, great nurses and great doctor! Everyone was very polite and patient even on the phone! The outside of the building is a little deceiving but the office is great! Very clean and very organized! They have free coffee and cookies to eat 🙂 thank you BH2O Med Spa!
Sari Cohen
The staff is amazing, especially Jessica – she’s very skilled and talented. Everyone is very professional and the layout of the place is beautiful and clean. I would highly recommend their services!
Jessica P
Rachael Storm the Nurse Practitioner injected my lips with Juvederm. It was my first time getting it done. I was super nervous. She explained everything and made me feel comfortable and it did not hurt!! I love my lips!! The spa is beautiful with a friendly staff.
Alexis B
I went in for a free consultation with the Practitioner because I felt that I looked tired all of time. She recommended that I enhance my cheeks and that it Would give me volume where I was losing it. I love my cheeks!! I now feel that I have higher cheek bones and contour to my face. Thank you!!! Highly recommend
Sandy W
I have lost a lot of volume in my lips over the years and really wanted to plump them up but still have them look natural. Rachael gave me a free consult and we did the filler in the same appointment. She gave me my cupids bow and fuller lips. I am in love!! I plan on going back to have my cheeks done too! I had an all around amazing experience there, from the entire staff to the beautiful office. I would highly recommend anyone to go there! Thanks again!!!!
Asia J
I recently moved here and I have been looking for a place to go to get Botox. I had great results with my Botox and will return.
Michael W

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